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The first chapter of Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave new World” mainly deals with the description of the opportunity of creating a society out of perfect workers and consumers, who just accept and even love their destiny because scientist have told them to do it. Moreover the author creates a strange atmosphere by allowing his protagonist to play God
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The director of some kind of cloning institute explains his techniques to some students. In a very detailed way he describes the so called Bokanovsky Process and its advantages as far as economy is concerned. At first they fertilize the eggs in order to put them into different castes. While Alphas and Betas remain in the incubator, Deltas, Epsilons and Gammas have to undergo the Bokanovsky Process which includes the creation of many human beings with exactly the same DNA. Those human beings are supposed to make up a certain social class and in order to reach this goal they are tought to love their work and life even though it is not that good.

The scientist for example want them to hate cold because as adults they should love working in extreme heat, as for example steel workers do. Later on when those human beings are eight month old they are thought to hate nature and books, although they are supposed to love country sports they have to spend a lot of money on. During the director’s explanations the students type his words in their notebooks and sometimes they also ask questions. At first they are critical concerning the program but at the end that attitude becomes admiration for the man who is allowed to play God.

The text just describes the outer actions without considering the inner circumstances of the director or the students. Moreover the action is arranged in a chronological way following one main plot. The only figure who is really characterized is the director; his outer appearance is directly described but his motifs and ideals are more or less hidden in the text. Meanwhile the students make up some kind of stereotype concerning people who can be easily convinced of something.

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